Thursday, June 19, 2014

Solstice Crystals

LITHA 2014
The Summer Solstice is upon us! The sun is arching high into the heavens, the fae are out and about cavorting, and the very air is heavy with the ripening of the season. Can you feel it? It's like a caress of orange blossoms, cedar needles, and saltwater. I love the solstices. And I'm looking forward to ringing in Litha in circle with my circle-sisters. But as for the rest of you, I wanted to leave you with a little list of crystal goodness to inspire your own Midsummer celebration. These are my favorite crystals for the Summer Solstice. Pick some up and see if you don't just come alive!

Sunstone: This new favorite of mine is the perfect choice for this season. This warm and sparkly beauty is a stone for winners! Sunstone is all about helping you be victorious in big and small ways. It's great for energy, abundance, and physical strength and prowess. It's also going to warm that sacral chakra well and get those creative juices flowing!

Alternative: Citrine
In lieu of sunstone, try an easy to find citrine for many of the same qualities.

Moss Agate: I brought a two-and-a-half pound specimen of one of these home a month or so ago and whoa! I've been wheelin' and dealin' and trying to keep up ever since! There is no better stone than moss agate to get you in touch with the fae and Mother Gaia. Beautiful and inexpensive, this is a crystal you cannot afford to pass up. It will enrich your life in every way, opening the heart, connecting you to nature's nurture, drawing in money, and helping you maintain peak health. Agate is always a very reassuring stone.

Alternative: Tree Agate, Dendritic Agate
In lieu of moss agate, try its creamy counterpart, tree agate, or better yet, grab a dendritic agate.

Labradorite: The fae love flash, and labradorite has got it in spades. Irridescent, luminescent, and simply magical, labradorite opens the third eye and connects you with the Goddess. It is reminiscent of the sunlight breaking off the ripples of a summer pond, scattering rainbows across the surface of the water, and the dragonflies you might see flitting above. And while summer brings us closest to the fire element, it also reconnects us to the water element as well when we seek refreshment from long, hot days and work to stay hydrated. Labradorite is like a fresh rain breaking over a dry land. And it's a great stone to reconnect you to your higher self when the summer days have you running and sunning!

Alternative: Rainbow Moonstone, Pearl
In lieu of labradorite, try a rainbow moonstone or pearls for the same flashy effect!

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