Crystal Readings

Crystal Readings:

Because of my dual passions for crystal healing and divination, and my first-hand experience with the power of crystals to heal and manifest lasting, effective, and positive change, I have developed my own method of crystal readings. That means you cannot get a reading exactly like this one anywhere else, as I intuitively created the spread and process myself. These readings are not the same as crystal ball readings, but similar to tarot, they involve a spread where individual crystals are pulled and the meaning of each one is interpreted according to its position to create your complete reading. Unlike some other readings you may have experienced, crystal readings do not require a question. They are always for your highest good as crystals simply always work that way. All together, I will draw seven stones for your reading in this order: Touch Stone, Mother Stone, Father Stone, Medicine Stone, Guardian Stone, Power Stone, and Master Stone. You can and should work with any and all of these crystals after your reading, but some may indicate a deeper or more urgent need to work with them, and I will let you know what those are. Crystals can be utilized by keeping them on or near us, via grids and elixirs, and many other ways. 

As a top priority crystal reading or crystal prescription client of mine, you'll receive individualized, one-on-one attention and care as we move through your reading and the best possible means for your crystal healing and empowerment. I am always available to my clients for questions or help with their reading, prescription, or stones. In addition, all of my clients receive a list of trusted local and/or online crystal merchants with exclusive discounts that I've pre-negotiated for them--an unlimited value! It's important to me that each and every one of my clients is able to easily, affordably, and effectively utilize crystals in their lives as a tool for instant, positive change.

Purchase or Schedule:

7 Stone Spread Intuitive Crystal Reading, via email: $112
*includes a graphic layout of your spread, a 7-8 page written interpretation of your reading, and a bonus list of trusted crystal resources and exclusive discounts as one of my clients!

7 Stone Spread Intuitive Crystal Reading, by personal appointment: $112, Tuesdays or Thursdays only
*includes personal client contact with the crystals, a 40-60 minute verbal interpretation of your reading, a take-home layout of your spread, the bonus list of trusted crystal resources and exclusive discounts as one of my clients, and a free crystal to commemorate your reading!

Email me to schedule an appointment:

*NEW* Crystal Prescriptions:

The crystal healer is in! For those with a specific need and a sense of urgency, my crystal prescription will provide you with three unique stones that will work together to address your individual need and create effective and lasting change in your life. Your individualized prescription will come with the names, pictures, and descriptions of your crystals in an email-attached .doc or .pdf, along with detailed instructions on how to use them. In addition, I can help you locate any of the crystals in your list. By requesting a custom crystal prescription, you'll be utilizing my extensive experience with and knowledge of crystals as well as my intuitive reading skills to pull together the perfect recipe for powerful crystal healing.

Crystal healing can be applied to any situation you're facing effectively, whether it be money issues, relationship struggles, love, work, or even general anxiety, depression, or fatigue. Whatever you're facing, there are crystals to help! Take the guess work out of crystals and begin to see manifested change in your life immediately! (*Crystal prescriptions are not intended to take the place of medical, legal, or other professional advice.)

 3 Stone Custom Crystal Prescription: $58
*includes a 3-4 page written description of your crystals and how to use them with images of each stone and the bonus list of trusted crystal resources and exclusive discounts as one of my clients!

Your Specific Need:

Email me with your specific need if it requires more explanation than the text box will allow:


"I think your readings are amazing and love how you combine the crystals with the reading." ~T.R.

"Very much on target ... I think you are on to something!" ~Melanie

"I thought this was GREAT!! Well written, informative, intuitive and easy to understand. Everything rang true." ~Sheryl

"I printed the reading out and read it over and over again ... I absolutely adored it! I can say that I have never had a crystal reading before, but I am a solid believer in your gift." ~Tina

"Your reading has touched me in every way. I am so stunned at your reading that I do not even know what to ask." ~Cindy

*All readings are done for the benefit of entertainment only and are not intended to take the place of medical, legal, or other professional counsel. By requesting a reading you agree not to hold Anna Silver liable for any information you do or do not receive, or any harm, loss, damage, or injury you incur as a result of your response to your reading.

You must be 18 or older, or have a parent or guardian's express consent, to receive a reading.

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