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Merry meet and welcome to my own little corner of sacred space online! I'm Anna Silverwife, mother, author, artist, intuitive reader, and many other things. In circle, I go by Ametrine MoonWood, thus my blog header and signature. But to the rest of the world, I am the author of the YA sci-fi/dystopian novel, OTHERBORN. If you're looking for writing tips or news on my work, I maintain an awesome author blog over on my website: annasilverauthor.com. This blog, however, is a little different. Dedicated to my spiritual path, this blog is intended to tell, to teach, to inform, to question, to ponder, to instruct, to consider, to share, and so on and so forth, any and all things metaphysical, spiritual, and magickal. I hope you'll join me!

I consciously began this journey over eight years ago, but in truth, I've been walking it my whole life. Many of you fellow seekers and metaphysical practitioners will know exactly what I'm talking about. For me, identifying as Wiccan was not about becoming someone new, but about fully stepping into who I truly was. Owning myself, my gifts, my beliefs, my experiences, with perfect love and perfect trust. Dropping the fear and resistance and finally embracing myselfall of myself. And it is through my own personal practice of ritual, dreamwork, meditation, visualization, intuitive reading, and crystal therapy that I have found the means to reclaim the pieces of myself, heal the lingering sense of loss and depression in my life, and know wholeness once more. Because of this path, I am connected. Because of this path, I am full.

I named this blog Living Between the Worlds for several reasons. Drawing on the honored words that proclaim sacred space, We are between the worlds, beyond all space and time, or however you prefer to say it, I wanted this blog to be a testament to my life as a spiritual being and a magickal practitioner, a dedicant of the craft and a keeper of the ancient ways. And the new, for I consider most forms of magickal and metaphysical practice today to be a celebration and revival of the old, as well as a joyous expansion of our understanding and creation of a new faith and practice. But more than that, I believe we pagans, Wiccans, New Agers, and so forth, are the misplaced shamans of today's soulless culture, called to rebirth the full understanding of Spirit into a civilization that has lost its touch with Source and with the rest of creation. For myself, the experience has been an enchanted way of living and a beautiful, healing path I couldn't imagine not being on.

After three decades of coming to terms with my intuition and psychic abilities, my mystical experiences of the Divine, and my deep need to continually renew myself in Spirit and nature, I have finally realized that the space between the worlds is not a place we carve out now and then in the act of ritual, it is a line we walk every day. It is a wilderness, a vast land of shadow and light, that is ever shifting and calling to those who can hear. It is my home. I have always had a foot in each world, the seen and the unseen, and I invite you to join me here, where the veil parts. Will you walk with me?

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