Sunday, September 7, 2014

Crystals to Help You Let Go

RELEASE ... It sounds so easy, but often it is one of the most difficult processes we face. We all have a tendency to "hold on", whether it be literally, emotionally, or otherwise. We all resist the constantly evolving flux of nature. When our life path takes an unexpected or undesired turn, we tense up ... tighten our grip ... grit our teeth ... Until we are forced by building circumstances to finally let go.  And then, if you allow it, the joy of liberation eases the pangs of loss. I have often hit this very moment and thought, "Why didn't I just let go in the first place?"

I am learning to hold things with an open hand, learning to allow. But it's nice to have some crystal helpers along the way. If letting go is a challenge you are currently facing in your life, try holding on to one these stones instead.

Botswana Agate: There are few stones half so powerful at helping you naturally relax and ease the tension as Botswana agate. Drawing you inward with its beautiful rings and "eyes", Botswana agate has an instantly soothing effect, be it the "pink" or "gray" variety. At the same time, it naturally allows you to go deeper, to see into the hidden motivations that are masquerading behind your need to keep a firm grip. For those with control issues, Botswana agate is a great teacher!

Malachite: If repressed emotion is the name of your game, then malachite is the mineral you need. Malachite resonates powerfully with our central heart chakra. It has a wonderfully clearing effect, "bubbling" up those old, stuffed emotions that we are afraid to face and release. Many people who suffer with anxiety will find that unacknowledged, unexpressed emotions lie at the "heart" of their ceaseless worries. Like a splinter, these feelings fester and create inward pressure and tenderness. Use malachite to naturally heal the infection burning in your heart chakra. It will restore your emotional self to supreme health and balance!

Lepidolite: Stress ... everyone's got it. Stress is the secret killer, dousing our bodies in a nasty chemical wash over and over again, slowly wearing us down. Long after the threat has passed, stress has a tendency to linger. Or rather, we have a tendency to perpetuate it. Everyone, everywhere faces this challenge. Lepidolite is a master at combatting stress. This lavender beauty eases the soul, relaxes the body, and stills the mind. Lepidolite reminds you to self-nurture, and it aids in restorative sleep. Everyone on the planet should have a secret stash of lepidolite somewhere for when the going gets tough!

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