Saturday, August 23, 2014

Harvest Season

For those of us who follow a magickal path, this is a wonderful time of year. The first of the harvests is in (Lughnassadh), and two more harvest festivals lie ahead (Mabon & Samhain). It is a season for focusing on reaping all we've sown in the past year, drawing in our bounty as we wind down and prepare for the period of rest and renewal that begins at Samhain and carries on through Yule. It's an incredible time for manifestation, for working prosperity or money magick, and for counting our blessings. It's a season to share the riches and rewards of this great cycle of life with the ones we care about most, and for showing our gratitude to the deities we serve through offerings, prayer, and veneration. As you move through this incredible portion of the Wheel of the Year, here are a few ways you can align yourself with the energies of harvest and celebrate your personal bounty.

Harvest crystal grid~ Create a crystal grid in your home or garden to commemorate the harvest season using these stones: orange calcite for gratitude, carnelian for creative vigor, and pyrite for abundance. Lay them out in a radiating pattern of concentric circles with a citrine or clear quartz at the center, and spend a little quiet time at the grid each day, giving thanks for all you've received.

Harvest walk~ As autumn descends, take a walk in the woods or a nearby park with your family to collect falling leaves, acorns, and other marks of the season. Place these in a bowl on your table, and say grace at each meal together, letting them remind you of how we are all cared for in the great web of creation.

Harvest brew~ There is nothing like a good cauldron of brew to warm the cockles of any witch's heart! Throw a dutch oven on the stove and cook up some beer, spiced cider, or mulled wine to be shared with friends and family. Be sure to stir your brew in a sunwise direction and visualize it blessing you all with good health, great wealth, and the wisdom of the Goddess herself. "Toast the grain" before you drink!

Harvest Blessings!

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