Friday, October 18, 2013

Moving Magick

Tonight is the glorious Hunter's Moon, October's full night of full moon which is one of my favorites every year, and a lunar eclipse to boot. And what am I doing to harness the incredible manifesting energy of this moon? I will be lighting a House Hunting candle. I figure, what better time to work a little house hunting magick than at the Hunter's Moon? Hey, it's hunting. Just of a different sort than most are thinking about this time of year.
(If you are married to a hunter like I am, you already know more about deer season than you ever wanted to. Sheesh!)

Because we are working through a time of transition right now, which is most evident for us in this final stage of moving, I decided I would do a blog about moving magick, or tools and rituals to energetically enhance your moving experience. From selling your own home, to finding a new one, to protecting your things in transit, there's a lot that goes into uprooting a household and taking it across town. Ah, to be a tortoise. And if you are a magickal practitioner like myself, then you have the added dilemma of handling all those treasured witchy items. Packing up the altar left me feeling naked and exposed without instant access to every tool I've gathered over the years. But I was certain to leave out those things which I'll need to work with Spirit on the move itself.

So, here are some suggestions that you can try the next time you're faced with moving (and links to help get you started):

Home Hunter Oil- This one is going to be in heavy rotation for me. I got this from a friend who found it online from a HooDoo root-worker whose items are phenomenal. I can vouch for that myself. It smells great and will dress many a candle as we move forward, including the one I'm lighting today. In addition, it's skin safe, so a little dab will be in order when I go out to view homes with the realtor.

Pendulum- I'm still getting to know mine, but I figure this is the perfect occasion to dive right in. Pendulums are great divining tools when you need short, precise, yes/no type answers. And they can be very useful in sorting between choices for the best match. Mine is made of natural Ametrine and will be an easy thing to carry with me as we forge out to look at homes, letting me know if I'm getting "warmer" or "cooler" to the right property.

Feng Shui- Some wouldn't call Feng Shui magickal but it works with energy and I think that qualifies. I've been researching feng shui tips for not only selling my house but also for finding the right new home for our family. In addition, I have my personal feng shui consultant at the ready to confirm whether the home we think we want is a good fit. From the very beginning, she can let us know if there are any energy fixes we should employ so that we don't lose a single day of good qi.

Color Magick- I once read that a fool-proof way to sell your home was to paint your front door orange. Orange is a positive color that gets things moving. I will not be repainting my front door, but I have planted orange flowers around the front and will employ other small color therapy ideas around the house.

Saint Joseph- Among other things, Joseph is the patron saint of houses. For those who enjoy petition magick, employing Joseph's help selling one home and buying another could prove beneficial. Candles and small, tucked-away shrines work well, as do novenas and offerings.

Spirit Guides- If you work with your own troop of spirit guides, now is a perfect time to call on their aid. Be sure and let the spirits around you know what's going on and extend an invitation to all positive spirit connections to travel with you if they so choose. The last thing you need is an angry, confused spirit mucking up a good sale.

Essential Oils: Cinnamon- We sold this home before years ago and ended up changing our minds. At that time, we had a buyer at full price in under a month. I had two secret weapons that I believe did the trick then, and one of them was cinnamon. Every day before a showing I would plug in a little crock pot full of water and cinnamon sticks. By the time the interested parties came to look at the house, the whole place smelled like cinnamon. Never underestimate the power of smell. It made the house feel clean, inviting, and homey- something every home buyer is looking for. (Incidentally, my other secret weapon was to turn on instrumental music very low in each room, so that a soothing sound coursed through the house as they walked through to view it. Also quite effective!)

There you have it! And there are tons more ideas you can research and employ. I'd love to hear about any magick that has enhanced your move. Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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