Friday, October 4, 2013

New Moon Rising

Greg Mort: Day into Night
A new moon rises tonight. And with it rises a host of powerful new manifestations in my life. Chief among them is this blog. Starting this blog is an exciting new venture for me. One that I don't take lightly. I've been pretty cloistered about my craft and my spiritual path, even after bursting from the broom closet in my private and public life several years ago. (I couldn't take it in there anymore. I'm allergic to tight spaces. No ventilation. Very uncomfortable stuff.) But my therapist, of all people, seemed to think I needed to write a memoir of some kind. Frankly, I think she's just insanely curious about how an open-minded, free-spirited, self-proclaimed witch and belated hippie like myself ended up in the middle of the staunchly conservative Texas suburbs. And even more, how I've managed to survive and thrive here for so long, with my sanity mostly in tact and only a little vandalism over the years. I've tried to tell her, "We're everywhere." That's right, you too could have a incense-addled pagan living on your freshly mowed, cookie-cutter street, paying HOA fees and MUD taxes just like everyone else. (So I like compound adjectives? What of it?) Be afraid. Be very afraid. Muahahahaha...

I digress. Back to my therapist. I wrote her off at first because I don't consider myself biography material. And I prefer to write about fictional characters in fictional worlds where I can control every variable like a goddess of life and death. I may have a small complex to overcome. But then another person casually suggested more or less the exact same thing in nearly the exact same words and my intuition started sounding off bells and alarms all over the place. When the Universe repeats itself, I've learned to listen. So, now convinced that I was being guided to something I could no longer ignore, and simultaneously positive that it was not From the Country Club to the Broom Closet: The Life and Times of Ametrine MoonWood, I put the word out to Spirit that it was going to have to be a little more specific if it really wanted me to do this thing. Within days, the answer came. Not by an outside voice this time, but by that inside one that always likes to assert itself in my head. Some call this clairaudience. (Yes, I hear things, see things, feel things I've got a motherload of psychic quirks to contend with day in and day out.) Mostly, I call it annoying. And thus the blog was born.

If you can't tell already from the fancy new banner and title, this is solely and purely a pagan or Wiccan blog dedicated to my practice and craft. If you know me and are wondering about the different name, it's a craft thing. I'll explain in a later post. Just be glad it's not Sparkles Unicorn, which was seriously in the running and what I probably would have legally changed my name to at eight-years-old if given the chance. I've got a lot of ideas for future posts, some of which will be more informative, others more personal, and so on. But for today, I just want to direct you to my About Me page in which I share a little about myself and my background and what you can expect from this blog.  If you're kindred or simply curious, I hope you'll stick around. Follow, subscribe, whatever gets your cauldron bubbling. And in the meantime, enjoy tonight's glorious new moon. I've got a little magick of my own brewing today. May it bring you many blessings!


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