Friday, October 25, 2013

Revamping Mercury Retrograde

Yes, it's that time of year again. No, I don't mean the holidays. I'm talking about Mercury Retrograde. Go ahead, groan. Better? Let's move on. Mercury Retrograde is an astrological optical illusion that occurs three to four times a year when, from our earth-based perspective, the planet Mercury slows down, appears to stop, and then begins moving backwards. In truth, progress is still underway, even if we perceive otherwise. Right now, it's retrograde until the 9th of November. You can keep tabs on retrogrades and other astrological info here: Zodiac Arts.

Here's my beef with the Mercury Retrograde hype. Why, when we know better, do we allow ourselves to be swept up in the mass paranoia that seems to accompany this event several times a year? We know Mercury did not stop and reverse. We know it is still progressing forward. We know we are confronting an illusion. And yet, we seem to completely forget that fact. As everyone grits their teeth and white-knuckles their way through another three weeks of fear and panic, I have to wonder, what are they missing out on?

The Law of Attraction is nothing new to magickal practitioners. Or quantum physicists. Set yourself to a vibration, attract more of that frequency. How much of what we experience as disturbances during Mercury Retrograde is only happening because we have an unwavering belief that this period is supposed to be "bad" or negative in some way? And what if we shifted our thinking to be open to a positive interpretation of Mercury Retrograde? What would we experience then?

Listen, I'm not saying the event has no bearing whatsoever. I respect astrology and I appreciate it. I certainly believe Mercury Retrograde has a point or purpose. Nothing, and I mean nothing, in this universe is sheer accident or coincidence. And nothing happens that doesn't alter or impact everything else. But what kind of cosmic joke would it be if the Divine ordered a three week period up to four times a year designed solely to upset and inconvenience us and otherwise complicate our lives? That just doesn't match my experience of the Divine at all.

Alls I'm sayin' is, I think we're missing the point.

I'm determined to look at Mercury Retrograde from a whole new angle. And here it is: this is a time that carries the potential and opportunity for things to work out even better than they would have otherwise.

I know. You think I'm off my meds. But let me explain. Just like in magick, when the moon is waxing, we say, "Work invoking magick." When the moon is waning, we say, "Work banishing magick." The whole point is to go with the flow so that energy will be lent to our magickal working to make it more powerful. It's like trying to swim against the current to do otherwise. Which is not to say it can't be done, but generally it's more taxing and challenging. And yet, what happens when someone wants to invoke wealth during a waning moon? It's simple. Do the opposite. Banish poverty instead. And vice versa. There is always a way to use the current energy to your advantage.

Why not do the same with Mercury Retrograde?  Mercury Retrograde is a great time for do-overs. For taking a step back to take in the bigger picture. I like to focus on "Re-" words during this time. Instead of focusing on communication, shift your focus to reflecting before you speak. Instead of focusing on large purchases, shift your focus to researching before you purchase. Instead of focusing on nailing a contract, shift your focus to reviewing the contract before you sign. See? It's simple. Once you've made that shift, you can carry on with confidence and know that Mercury Retrograde gave you the opportunity to communicate even better, shop even smarter, or negotiate a better deal.

Sure, you can still back up your computer and tune up your car and triple check your hotel reservations, but let's be honest, we can't stop living just because of an optical illusion. We still have lives to lead, work to do, business to carry out. And sometimes that will include traveling, and communication, and contracts, and technology, and all the other things people warn you against even thinking about for the next three weeks, however impractical or impossible that advice is. But by reframing (there's that key prefix again) Mercury Retrograde and our intentions, we can make the most of the energy current. After all, it is an illusion. Which to me means, things aren't actually backwards or harder or more inconvenient, they just appear to be. Slow down to match Mercury's pace and it won't look backward anymore.

Now let's hear it, how are you going to spend the next three weeks reaping the rewards of this retrograde???

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